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About us

Urban Piercings was established in 1997 as one of the few studios dedicated solely to body piercing and the sale of body jewellery. Since then, Urban Piercings has maintained a highest level of professionalism, cleanliness, aftercare support, expertise and customer service, resulting in our well-earned five star reputation. While Pete has bowed out from behind the needle to run our internet business, our three piercers: Ben, Evie and Eliza now handle all the needlework. As well as the whole spectrum of body piercings, we also offer micro dermal anchors, genital piercings, and the best aftercare, all performed by experienced, knowledgeable piercers.

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Urban Piercings’ story

One of the first piercings studios in the country to open its doors to the public was Hardware in Reading, opened in the early 90’s by Ruth. This was at a time when body piercing was still a very underground practice, most piercings being performed by either tattoo artists, or at home. Meanwhile, in 1993, a fashion accessory shop called Strawberry Fields starts offering lobe piercings, which soon progresses to body piercings in 1995. It's owner, Pete, getting deeper involved in the body piercing industry. Forward a couple of years to ‘96 and Ruth joins the staff of Strawberry Fields, offering more specialist piercings and bringing their two different client bases together. Shortly after this; Pete decides to open what would become the respected, professional hub in Reading for all things body piercing. . .  


We offer full aftercare information and products, as well as our staff being available for checkups and any queries. All piercings are fitted with either surgical grade, UK manufactured titanium body jewellery (except for the anatometal surface bars, those come from the States), or flexible P.T.F.E. Our jewellery and equipment are cleaned, run through ultrasonics and then autoclaved. Our needles are all single use and disposed of safely. We are also fully registered with Reading Borough Council, if you wish to contact them  please call the Consumer Protection Team on 0800 626 540.


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