Below is the majority of piercings performed at Urban Piercings, however it does not include all of them.  If you require a specific piercing not listed here please contact us for details.

All prices are for piercing only (Jewellery extra)  In accordance with the EU nickel directive of 2000, Urban Piercings only usues U.K manufactured, G23 surgical titanium or P.T.F.E for initial jewellery insertion. We sell a selection of tried and tested aftercare solutions which we highly recommend to assist in the healing of your piercing.  

EAR LOBE (Studex)

Titanium stud from £14
Titanium jewelled stud from £15
Performed with a needle from £22


Ear lobe / rim £22
Conch bar £26
Diath £26
Tragus £26
Forward helix ring £26
Snug £26
Anti-Tragus £26
Scaffold bar £34
Rook bar £26